The Civil Law Lecture takes place in summer-term.

Course of the lecture

The lecture Civil Law is dedicated to those areas of Civil Law (BGB) which are of importance for students with an interest in economics.


These are first and foremost the basics of contract law in the general part of the BGB, in particular legal business theory, the content and limits of private autonomy, the law of declarations of intent including their conditions of effectiveness and interpretation, legal capacity, the law of defects of intent (challenge) as well as formal requirements. This is followed by the actual conclusion of the contract, including the review of general terms and conditions.


The lecture leads from the general part of the BGB to the law of obligations: In the general part of the law of obligations the emergence of contractual obligations is dealt with, as well as the resulting program of obligations and the broad field of breaches of obligations. The special part of the law of obligations contains first and foremost individual specific types of contracts, followed by tort and enrichment law and finally some basic principles of property law. Family law and inheritance law are not the subject of the lecture.



The script is available in the secretary's office or in the HiWi room (42-225). 

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